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We treat our residents as if they're our parents

Welcome to Hope Stay Memory Care

We Make a Difference in Your Lives

As individuals get older, they start to lose mobility and need constant assistance with their daily activities.  Daily tasks such as dressing and grooming or cleaning and prepping meals are extremely difficult activities that the older community struggles to complete without assistance from others.  This population used to contribute to the community when they were younger through means of employment, serving the country and giving back to the local community.  Now that they have aged, the community should take care of them to show appreciation as a way of thanking them.

Another obstacle to consider are the challenges and frustrations from family members who are unable to leave their job and busy schedules to continuously assist their aging parents and loved ones.  At Hope Stay Memory Care, we have the experience, equipment, and ability to help out your family.  Many times, this results in leaving their elderly parents with dementia home by themselves without assistance and in an unsafe situation.  Let us help you to help your love ones.

Family-oriented team

We take care of our residents as if they're our parents.

Prevent social isolation

Socialize and make new friends in the facility.

Independence and fun 

Have fun with our daily activities and smile while you're at it.

Delicious meals 

Diverse and healthy meals for your needs.

Amazing Atmosphere

Stay active with a great and friendly atmosphere.

Home-like setting

Safe and comfortable

Old and Young

We treat our residents as if they're parents

Personalize Care For Your Elderly Parents

Competent staff

Dementia focus

Caregivers to assist residents 24/7

Home-like atmosphere

Safe environment

The Power of Being One Of Us

Client’s words

Carole Kohler

I have been very pleased with the services my sister has received from Chue, Chia and the care workers. They provide compassionate care and prompt response to all her needs.  I have always felt they were sincerely interested in her happiness and well-being.  They have gone over and above expectations and I highly recommend them and their services.  In the new memory care facility, I wish them the best of luck and expect them to have a lot of success in meeting an ongoing need in La Crosse County.


They're Our Parents

Our priority is to provide the best care and services to residents as if they 're our own parents and to make sure they feel welcomed, valued, engaged, happy, and are having fun.

Let's go HOME

Want To Be a Member of Our Family?

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