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Why Hope Stay?

We treat our residents as if they're our parents

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Why Assisted Living is Important

As individuals get older, they start to lose mobility and need constant assistance with their daily activities.  Daily tasks such as dressing and grooming or cleaning and prepping meals are extremely difficult activities that the older community struggles to complete without assistance from others.  This population used to contribute to the community when they were younger through means of employment, serving the country and giving back to the local community.  Now that they have aged, the community should take care of them to show appreciation as a way of thanking them.

Another obstacle to consider are the challenges and frustrations from family members who are unable to leave their job and busy schedules to continuously assist their aging parents and loved ones.  At Hope Stay Memory Care, we have the experience, equipment, and ability to help out your family.  Many times, this results in leaving their elderly parents with dementia home by themselves without assistance and in an unsafe situation.  Let us help you to help your love ones.

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Why Should You Stay With Us?

Hope Stay understands the risks of an elderly person with dementia being home alone without the proper care and support.  That is why Hope Stay promises to provide the best quality care and services to residents as if they're our own parents and we’ll make sure your loved ones are welcomed, valued, engaged, happy, and having fun in their new home. 

At Hope Stay, your love ones are safe in a friendly community filled with like-minded individuals with the same values and similarities.  Stay with us, let us help you to help your love ones. 


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Benefits For Staying With Us

  • Knowledge and understanding of the disease Alzheimer.​

  • Certified instructors for Dementia, OSHA, Direct Care Competency I and II, Assisted Living Medication Administration, Assisted Living Standard Precautions, Assisted Living Fire Safety, Assisted Living First Aid, and Assisted Living Choking. 

  • Great services and activities to keep residents engage, value, happy, and having fun throughout the day.

  •  ​Caregivers to assist residents 24/7. 

  • Great medication administration program to keep residents safe. 

  • Activities to keep residents engaged on a daily basis. 

  • The facility will offer community events and field trips to help residents stay connected with the community. 

  • Home-like and friendly environments for residents. 

  • Cost-effective when compared to a home healthcare facility. 

  • Staff members become like family, often substituting for lack of existing family. 

  • Housekeeping services are offered, leading to a safer and easier life. 

  • A safe environment for seniors and individuals with dementia. 

  • Trained, qualified, and ethical staff members.


Let's go HOME

Want To Be a Member of Our Family?

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